Thursday, July 19, 2012

Artistic Anatomy_Ray

Here's a 10minute demo of Ray posing with staff. The aim is to get the feeling of Ray leaning on the staff, not just the contour silhouette or "poster" of the image that the beaux art technique relies on. In order to achieve this feeling of leaning in three-dimensional space the artist needs to acquire the experience of Isonomia- a feeling of how the gravitational vectors are channeled through Ray's body.This can be enabled by an exaggeration of the Rhythm or Gesture- in this case the arabesque or "S" curve.Another excellent strategy for cultivating Isonomia is plotting the feet and staff points, i.e., connecting those points that channel the vector forces on or through the model stand.In this case they form a triangle whose acuteness is a result of where eye level is- in this case about chest or nipple height.
For more artistic anatomy drawings click here:

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