Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art Students League Personalities

Greg Kreutz

Frank O'Cain

Alexander Eliott

Robert Beverly Hale

Here are some quick sketches of painters, students, and educators that frequented the historic hallways of the Art Students League.

Art Students League Sketches

Nick Oberling and James Prater in the ASL office

John Doyle at the first window

Selections from my sketchbook -scenes and people from my time as a student at the Art Students League of New York
Included here are views of John Doyle, James Prater, and Nick Oberling all accomplished painters who were my fellow classmates in the Mason class, working at the front desk at the League.

George Sotos

Here is a conte crayon portrait I drew of George Sotos. I studied Visual Vocabulary with him during the 80's in Chicago, Florida, and New York. He currently teaches in Chicago at the Drawing Workshop.