Friday, December 28, 2012

Florida Sentinels

New shots of recent paintings. This is a plein air painting, 24" x 36", that I schlepped  a mile out to where the big ancient trees live at Corkscrew. This place is epic- the scale is staggering , the energy is charged- a must see or to paint.

Phthalo Blue and Yellow Range Drawdowns

Illustrated here are draw-downs of Phthalo Blue and the full range of the Cadmium yellows.
They are Cadmium Lemon (Utrecht), Cadmium Yellow Pale(Winsor Newton) , Cadmium Yellow Medium (Utrecht), and Cadmium Yellow Deep ( Winsor Newton)

Of these yellows, Emile Gruppe used the Cadmium Lemon and the Cadmium Yellow Deep.

It is apparent that Viridian equivilancies and Phthalo green shades are fully represented,
and the foreground earth richness which having Raw Sienna on your palette provides is equaled and surpassed by the Cad Yellow dark/Phthalo mixture- an almost Deep Green Umber color..

Friday, December 21, 2012

Figure Drawing Sketch Class

Recent figure drawings executed over the last few weeks.
Some of these were created in my Artistic Anatomy drawing class that is held every Thursday afternoon at 3:00  at the Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie. A few of these were created at the weekly figure sketch class held every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:30PM at Unison Arts in New Paltz, NY. And a few others were created at my Artistic Anatomy class at the Woodstock School of Art held every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

More Florida Oil Paintings

I love the Florida landscape. I lived for a short time in Cocoa Beach and was instantly smitten by the light and landscape. The intense cloud formations are something to be marveled at.

Corkscrew Sentinels

Florida Verdure

Florida Palmettos

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Florida Oil Paintings

Here's a selection of florida oil paintings that I painted in and around areas of southwest florida.
From a home base in Naples, I venture out with my paintbox and easel  to Everglades City, Corkscrew Swamp, Collier Seminole State Park,, Cayo Costa, Chokoloskee, Pine Island, and anywhere I can find some little bit of unspoiled Florida.

Florida Moonrise

Tamiami Trail

Thunderheads over the Everglades

Southwest Florida Palmettos

In the Everglades

The Abandoned Boat

Cayo Costa

Monday, December 3, 2012

Florida Watercolor Paintings

 One in a series of Florida watercolor paintings. This one is on  140 lb. Arches which, as you can see, buckles under sopping sky  washes.
South Florida Moonrise
For more scenes of Southwest Florida,see my gallery of: