Friday, December 28, 2012

Phthalo Blue and Yellow Range Drawdowns

Illustrated here are draw-downs of Phthalo Blue and the full range of the Cadmium yellows.
They are Cadmium Lemon (Utrecht), Cadmium Yellow Pale(Winsor Newton) , Cadmium Yellow Medium (Utrecht), and Cadmium Yellow Deep ( Winsor Newton)

Of these yellows, Emile Gruppe used the Cadmium Lemon and the Cadmium Yellow Deep.

It is apparent that Viridian equivilancies and Phthalo green shades are fully represented,
and the foreground earth richness which having Raw Sienna on your palette provides is equaled and surpassed by the Cad Yellow dark/Phthalo mixture- an almost Deep Green Umber color..

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