Saturday, August 11, 2012

Planes of the Head session 2

Here is the Planes of the Head bust with a second round of refinement. It is apparent early on that the concept of the planes of the head can be very different for everyone. There are what could be referred to as basic planes of the head, simple plane and wedge shapes without too much detail that most all can agree on as being representative of the most basic polygonal planes. These examples are represented in earlier blog posts from the work of such artists as Andrew Loomis, George Bridgeman , and John Asaro. There are also certain areas of the skull, the zygomatic arch and the frontal bone above the eye sockets for example, where the basic structure can be interpreted differently among artists.The polygonal mutilpiers which define detail in a 3d shape can be dialed up or down with selective frequency ( like slider bars), across the surface of the head. Too much detail in an area can actually degrade the overall shape, so this becomes a kind of art for the artist to evaluate through their own lens of taste.

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