Monday, December 12, 2011

Artistc Anatomy- Sumi Brush

The Artistic Anatomy Class with Keith Gunderson is held both at the Woodstock School of Art and at the Barrett Art Center. The ultimate goal of this class is to train the student to obtain a three dimensional visualization of the human figure's occupancy of space- like a virtual hologram. Anatomy-the study of the human skeleton, musculature and tendons, along with the system of levers upon which the physics of translocation and exertion is based is an important part of this study, yet it is the visualization of volume which forms the core foundation of this investigation.
We use a variety of techniques to facilitate this, foremost among them is the Canon of Polycleitos and it's accompanying modalities of Rythmos, Isonomia, and Symmetria. Additional techniques such as sumi brush, negative space, bi-lateral symmetry, action line, and the tandem arcs are also employed. Lastly and most importantly, aesthetics is covered and the development of a personal approach to drawing.

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